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Personal Training & Coaching


Hi my name is Gino Promes also known as Ta'Ziyah. I am the founder of Eyeternal Lifestyle.

Eyeternal Lifestyle has a deep rooted foundation. As a youngster I was always involved into sports, from gymnastics to capoeira.

Since my 19th my I started to become more aware and holistic health became an important role in my life. I turned into a plantbased lifestyle for 16 years yet I decided to go back to a vegetarian lifestyle.

I am a well experienced Personal Trainer and I have succesfully finished AALO FITNESS level 1, 2, Master and Personal Training.

For further information, subscribe for an introduction session.

Why Eyeternal Lifestyle?

My primary responsibility is to provide safe and effective exercise guidance and instruction to help you successfully attain your personal health and wellness goals.

Therefore I need comprehensive understanding of each client's personal and professional background as well as your physical capabilities, health status goals and desires. Every client will be subjected to a fitness assessment. Fitness assessments provide us with information, that is used to help ensure safe and effective exercise programs.

I support and encourage you in your personal growth by guiding you while you define your personal goals.

For more information contact me.